Compilation of Sketches and Illustrations
The E Book

This is a compilation of many years worth of some select illustrations and loose sketches. I put this together to be used as reference and inspiration in the tradition of established tattoo artists. I have been wanting to put this book together but was not too excited about the fact that it would not be made accessible to everyone all around the world in typical printed form. I wanted everyone who was interested in attaining it’s contents to have it instantly no matter where in the world they resided. These pages contain many hours of extensive sketching and illustrations all used as concepts for final use or as simple exercises…. “The E Book”.

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Online Artist’s Reference Library
FOCUS Videos

I am proud to finally welcome you all to my newest project… in-depth downloadable FOCUS videos. This labor of love has truly been a long time coming.

Thought processes and techniques will be shared with you within these FOCUS videos. I will hopefully inspire you to use them as a library resource and reference for your own creations. As time progresses I will go through various topics, burners, wild style connections, character design, can control and black book techniques, just to name a few.

These FOCUS videos have allowed me a new platform to cover many facets of graffiti art I find important to explore in a much more “focused” manner. There is no better way to offer an array of continuously new and different videos than to make them available from now on. I have been itching to do these sort of videos for a while now and I consider them all to be the perfect follow up to The Future of Graffiti DVD Trilogy . I am honored to bring you a deeper insight and exploration into what I love to do while producing and sharing a multitude of random topics.

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Black Book Sessions

The key to any successful graffiti artist’s career is the work you put in experimenting and drawing. There is no substitute for flexing your illustration skills on paper, an essential part of properly honing your skills which will directly affect your black books and walls in a positive manner.

This is the third and final DVD of The Future of Graffiti Trilogy “Black Book Sessions”. EAZ walks you through his chosen formulas for executing full color black book illustration work. Techniques on how he colors, highlights and shades his lettering, backgrounds and characters are all covered.

. Essential Illustration Tools
. Color, Shading and Highlighting Techniques
. Tips and Tricks
. Exclusive Bonus Black Book Sessions with GIANT, BATES, SERVE and SEW
. Extra Bonus Footage

“Join me as I delve into yet another facet of graffiti culture that I love… the black book.” – EAZ
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Wild Style Lettering

Before any spray paint hits the wall, the basis of any good graffiti wild style letter starts with paper and pencil. Join EAZ as he forms a wild style graffiti alphabet from A through Z with tons of tips and techniques that help to develop, expand your current mindset and help elevate your style to the next level.

Focused specifically on the wild style lettering aspect of graffiti, this DVD is meant to fill the inspiration void that bombing and tagging DVDs simply can not.

. Tools and Supplies Covered
. In-depth Wildstyle Alphabet Sessions by EAZ
. Insightful Bonus Letter Sessions by CES and SERVE
. Bonus Painting Footage
. The Eaz Colorizer: Lettering Colorizer Software

“See as I work through sketches, ideas and explain as I go to hopefully inspire you to hone your current style and refine your over all lettering skill set by doing , in my opinion the single most important facet of this diverse culture… practicing your style to set you apart from the rest” – EAZ

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Letter Style and Painting Techniques

The first of it’s kind and highly acclaimed ground breaking DVD series produced by EAZ. Deemed a definite must have for any fan of this graffiti culture.

. Letter Style and Letter Flow
. Extensions and Supplementary Letters
. Essential Tools
. Wall preparation
. Painting of Basic Lettering
. Painting of Advanced Lettering
. Techniques for Characters
. Shading and Highlighting Techniques
. Can Control Techniques
. Tips and Tricks
. Bonus Footage
. Interviews with New York Graffiti Kings

Learn the skills you need to step to a wall and get busy. Letter style and painting techniques, basic to advanced, demonstrated by the one and only EAZ. Whether you never touched a can or have been painting for 20 years. I believe everyone can stand to learn from this DVD.

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