Bates x The Future of Graffiti

Posted on 08/17/2011 by TheEazBlog

Bates has been doing his thing for many years. Bates is highly respected as a style master across the globe. From block letters to all out colorful wild style burners that will make your eyes pop out of your head. Years of steady killing with an undeniable solidified stake in the graffiti game.

I really wanted Bates to get down so I sent him the first 2 volumes so he could see what I have been striving to accomplish. I am proud to announce he is on this next DVD “The Future of Graffiti : Black Book Sessions”. Great insight and knowledge was shared by Bates making his segment extra dope. I don’t think you or I have ever seen footage like this of Bates before. Flipping through his vast arsenal of sketches, letters, styles and color works make his segment a real deal window into the mind of a graffiti style master at its finest.

As for the core of the DVD, I go through a full color black book session from start to end. Character, background and all out wild style burner. I will cover all the aspects of completing an all out black book session from my choice of tools, tricks and techniques. Needless to say the kings in the bonus extras promise to be the perfect addition to this DVD.

Yes, I will have it out before Christmas!

-Mr. Eaz One